Cube Collection – Singles + Cluster

by Stack Lab


Type A: 16” W x 16” D x 16” H
Type B: 16” W x 16” D x 16” H
Type C: 16” W x 16” D x 16” H
Type D: 16” W x 16” D x 16” H


The original award-winning Cube Collection transforms the industrial legacy of sand-cast metal molding into modern functional pieces. Using molds that incorporate quarter sections of a decommissioned historic wooden water pump pattern, each of the four 16” x 16” x 16” Cubes are cast in Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) – a blend of recycled glass and fiber. These versatile objects can be adapted as stools, tables, benches, or artworks. The option of 24-karat gold gilding can accentuate the industrial imprints on the Cubes, paying homage to its roots. With sustainability as the cornerstone, over 90% of the materials are non-virgin.


Multiple ECC Finshes Avaible
24-Karat Gold Optional