PATRICK CHURCH, All over you, 2019

by Henzel Studio


Custom sizes available upon request


Patrick Church is a British multimedia artist currently living and working in New York City. Blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, the work boldly explores the human form and condition, always painting from a personal perspective, juxtaposing vulnerability with fearlessness; reflective of Patrick’s own character. Exploring the use of paint, his work strives for impact through layering, texture and manipulation to create increased depth and connection. This results in impressions that are unpolished and unrefined, retaining the raw emotion that inspired their existence. His paintings retain an air of humor in their most obvious state, paramount to the artist’s DNA; a hint of juvenile liberation and rebellion from any confines from the art world. Patrick Church’s collectors include Madonna, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry and Teyana Taylor, among others.


Chromogenic print on velour
Tapestry / Carpet
Indoor or outdoor use


Patrick Church