by Stack Lab


17” W x 24” D x 36” H


This dining, occasional chair and bench is notable for its nuanced simplicity of form, carefully detailed classic wood joinery and precision steel fabrication.

As the name implies, the 1.5 is the fifth and final iteration of a case study on modular repetition. There are two repetitions of two module types, each 1-11/16” thick. Ten modules add up to an overall width of 17” as a standard width, however, additional modules can be added to create wider seats on a custom basis.

Constructing the 1.5 from multiple modules in this way is an efficient fabrication technique that produces a dimensionally stable, finished piece from solid hardwood.

The angle of recline and the height of the seat back, along with the radiused edge where the seat joins the front legs, ensure comfort throughout the duration of a long-term sit.

The slightly different appearance of each board generates unusual variety and gives the 1.5 a striking vibrancy. STACKLAB welcomes the small variances found in natural materials whose inconsistencies disqualify their use in typical furniture applications.


Available Finish:
Matte Black Patina with Natural Bronze Highlights (shown)
Custom Patinas Available – Inquire


STACKLAB, Global Custom Metals, Christoph Paus