MARILYN MINTER, Twilight, 2019

by Henzel Studio


Custom sizes available upon request


Marilyn Minter is a contemporary American artist whose personal brand of photorealist painting examines contemporary notions of beauty. Minter has a painterly sensibility and an anarchistic attitude, with a no-nonsense approach to often-delicate subject matters. Photographer, painter, and videographer Marilyn Minter began her art career in the late 80’s with an unflinching series of paintings based on still images from hardcore pornography.

In Minter’s practice, both photographs and paintings proceed from the same starting point. She organizes photo shoots in her studio, and assembles and reworks details from different photographs for digital compositions that are thereafter turned into final works. For the second rug in our collaboration, Minter re-appropriated her photograph Twilight. Through use of variable pile heights, actual cracks have been created. The water drops are elevated and have been enhanced with silk adding a contrasting sheen.


Hand knotted rug
Wool & Silk
High / Low Cut


Marilyn Minter